We believe in a level playing field for small businesses.

We believe the full power of the digital world should be accessible regardless of size.

We want your business to grow.

We enable small businesses to grow through the use of digital technologies.

Small Business Realities

  • 0

of small businesses
do not have a website.

  • 0

of consumers are looking
online for information
before buying locally.

  • 0

of small businesses that start using Google
Adwords, abandon their campaign(s) after a month
due to lack of time among other reasons.

Why Engeni?

To level the playing field.

What does it mean to make the full power of the digital world accessible regardless of size?

It means that access to technology is within reach of every business. Thanks to disruptive technological innovations, the breadth of the digital world is now available to all business. This is the core of Engeni’s mission.

Currently, there are digital products and services in the market for use by small businesses. However, often times their price or their implementation (or both) are not practical. Small businesses need solutions that consume few economic resources and respect the time of the business’s valuable human resources.

There are ways to deliver economical and functional digital solutions for small businesses, we are dedicated to that at ENGENI.

We provide access

to innovative, easily-managed and affordable digital tools.

We provide solutions

by enabling our customers to realize their business objectives.

We enable growth

through the use of digital technologies, developed by our experienced and customer-oriented team of professionals, so that small businesses can focus on their new and existing customers.

What do we do?

All-in-one solution. Operated by us. With low investment by you.
Integrated solutions, "turnkey" and able to promote your business immediately

Landing Pages

A micro-site intended to present a product or service on the Internet and designed and optimized to generate a specific action by the visitor.

Visibility / Digital Media

Your business will appear on major search engines (Google), social networks (Facebook) and directories (OLX). Where your potential clients are, you must be.

Intelligent lead generation and management

Analyze, manage and take actions on new leads generated and prequalified by Engeni’s intelligent platform.

Mobile App

Analyze and manage your investment in lead generation (visits, clicks and contacts), wherever you are.

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